County Office Fees

County Clerk

Documentary Stamp Tax

The tax shall be prorated at the rate of $0.75 for each $500.00 of the consideration or any fractional part thereof. See Oklahoma Statute Title 68 Section 3201 for additional details.

There will be an additional $5.00 preservation fee for each document filed.

Description Fees
1. For recording each additional page of same instrument  
2. For recording and filing of fictitious name partnership certificates  
3. For recording the first page of deeds, mortgages and any other instruments. 8.00 + 5.00 (Includes preservation fee)  
c. For each additional page or exhibit $2
b. For preparing and mailing notice of mechanics' or materialmen's lien $8
a. For recording and filing of mechanics' or materialmen's liens which includes the release thereof $10
4. For recording each additional page of an instrument which is nonconforming  
5. For recording the first page of deeds, mortgages, and any other instruments which are nonconforming  
6. For recording each certificate for estrays and forwarding description of same, as required by law  
7. For furnishing hard copies of microfilmed records to bonded abstractors only, per page  
8. For recording of any mark or brand and giving certificate for same  
9. For recording an assignment of Tax Sale Certificate to be paid by the party purchasing  
10. For certifying to any copy per page  
11. For recording plat of more than one block  
12. For recording plat of one block or less  
13. For furnishing photographic copies of photographic records, or of typewritten script or printed records, per page  

Court Clerk