Election Board

The Election Board Secretary's Office

Precinct Officials

Osage County has 28 precincts. There are over 90 precinct official positions necessary to assist Osage County residents with voting. Each precinct is required to have an Inspector, Judge, and Clerk. In larger elections, a Provisional Voting officer may also be present.

Precinct Official Compensation:

Inspector $97.00 per day, plus mileage

Judge $87.00 per day

Clerk $87.00 per day

Provisional Voting Officer $87.00 per day

In Person Absentee Board $87.00 per day

Judge, Clerk, Provisional Officer and In Person Board may be eligible for mileage only if the distance from their home to the precinct is 10 miles or more.

Precinct Officials are an essential part of the election system.

If you would like to be a part of this important process, please contact our office at 918-287-3036 or Osgaecounty@elections.ok.gov.